About us

Presentation of Swiss Med Office

With Swiss Med Office, you have access to the excellence of Swiss healthcare services

Swiss Med Office is Switzerland’s first neutral medical advice company. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing quality and safety when assisting our customers in their choice of healthcare providers.

Founded in 2017, Swiss Med Office offers personalised care and assistance in the shape of advice regarding preventive medicine, as well as medical and surgical treatment.

With a wealth of professional experience spanning over ten years in the medical sector, we created Swiss Med Office to share with you the expertise that we have acquired over the years working alongside healthcare professionals.

Neutrality and independence

SSwiss Med Office does not in any way replace health insurance, insurance brokers, or physicians.It does, however, offer services that they simply cannot. Swiss Med Office does not receive any commission from any physician or medical institution, thus guaranteeing its neutrality. Such independence directly benefits the patient, who is not only referred to the specialist and facility most adapted to his needs, but also benefits from the advantages and perks negotiated by Swiss Med Office.

This neutral way of operating – outside of the commission-based system – is our way of guaranteeing that Swiss Med Office works with the patient’s best interests at heart, while also actively contributing towards reducing the cost of healthcare. Many companies and families have vested their trust in us and have become members in order to benefit from all the advantages that are offered by Swiss Med Office. Please do not hesitate to request our list of references.